“FOB key” typically refers to a key fob, which is a small electronic device used for remote control and electronic access to a vehicle or building. The term “FOB” stands for “Frequency Operated Button” or “Free On Board,” but in the context of a key fob, it’s more closely associated with the former.
Here are the key aspects of a FOB key:

  1. Remote Control Device:
    • A FOB key is a small, handheld device that typically contains buttons for remotely controlling certain functions. In the automotive context, these functions may include locking and unlocking the car doors, opening the trunk, or triggering a panic alarm.
  2. Wireless Communication:
    • FOB keys use wireless communication, often through radio frequency (RF) signals, to transmit commands to the corresponding receiver in the vehicle or building.
  3. Keyless Entry:
    • FOB keys are commonly used in keyless entry systems, allowing users to access and control the locked areas without physically inserting a key into a lock.
  4. Security Features:
    • Many FOB keys include security features such as rolling codes or encryption to prevent unauthorized access. Rolling codes ensure that the transmitted signal changes each time the key is used, enhancing security.
  5. Smart Key Functions:
    • Some FOB keys are part of smart key systems, enabling features like push-button ignition for starting the vehicle without inserting a physical key.
  6. Programming:
    • FOB keys need to be programmed to work with a specific vehicle or access system. This programming is typically done by the manufacturer, dealership, or a professional locksmith.
  7. Battery-Powered:
    • FOB keys are battery-powered, and the batteries may need replacement over time. Some FOBs have replaceable batteries, while others have sealed units with batteries that are not easily accessible.
  8. Proximity Features:
    • In some cases, FOB keys have proximity sensors that detect when the key is in close proximity to the vehicle, allowing for hands-free operation, such as automatically unlocking the doors when the user approaches.
    It’s important to note that the term “FOB” may have different meanings in various contexts. In shipping and logistics, for example, “FOB” stands for “Free On Board” and refers to a contractual term indicating when ownership and responsibility for goods transfer from the seller to the buyer. However, in the context of a key, “FOB key” generally refers to the electronic remote control device.

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