A key cutter is a device or machine used to cut a key to a specific shape and size. Key cutting is a process that involves removing material from a key blank to create the necessary cuts and grooves that match the configuration of a specific lock. Here are some key points about key cutters:

  1. Manual Key Cutters:
    • Traditional key cutters may be manual and require the operator to use a template or guide to cut the key accurately. These are often found in locksmith shops and hardware stores.
  2. Automatic Key Cutters:
    • Modern key cutters are often automatic and use computerized systems. These machines are capable of duplicating keys with precision and speed.
  3. Key Cutting Machines:
    • Key cutting machines typically consist of a cutting wheel or blade that removes material from a key blank based on the specifications entered or read by the machine.
  4. Key Blanks:
    • Key cutters work with key blanks, which are uncut keys that can be shaped to fit specific locks. Different key blanks are used for various types of locks.
  5. Code Cutting:
    • Some key cutters can cut keys based on key codes. Key codes are specific combinations that locksmiths or key services use to cut keys without having an existing key to duplicate.
  6. Laser Key Cutting:
    • Laser key cutting is a more advanced method that uses laser technology to cut keys with high precision. This is often used for high-security keys.
  7. Duplication:
    • Key cutters are commonly used for key duplication, allowing users to have additional copies of keys for convenience or as backups.
  8. Locksmith Services:
    • Many locksmiths and key-cutting services have key cutting machines to provide on-the-spot key cutting services for customers.
  9. Key Copying:
    • Key cutters are essential for copying keys, whether it’s a standard house key, car key, or a more specialized key for a safe or other security device.
  10. Mobile Key Cutting Services:
    • Some locksmiths offer mobile key cutting services, where they can come to your location with a portable key cutting machine to cut keys on-site.
    *It’s important to note that key cutting requires skill and accuracy to ensure that the duplicate key functions correctly in the lock. Professional locksmiths or key cutting services are often the best option for precise key cutting and duplication.

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