Door latches are mechanisms that secure doors and keep them closed. There are various types of door latches designed for different purposes. Here are some common types:

  1. Mortise Latch:
    • Installed within the door, a mortise latch is commonly used in conjunction with mortise locksets. It includes a spring-loaded mechanism that keeps the door closed.
  2. Tubular Latch:
    • Often used with cylindrical locksets, a tubular latch is a spring-loaded latch that is easier to install and is common in residential applications.
  3. Deadlatch:
    • Similar to a deadbolt but operates as a latch. It has a spring-loaded mechanism that prevents it from being easily pushed back when the door is closed, enhancing security.
  4. Spring Latch:
    • A basic latch with a spring mechanism that automatically engages when the door is closed. It is commonly used in residential doors.
  5. Cam Latch:
    • Commonly used in cabinets and drawers, a cam latch secures the door by rotating a cam or lever.
  6. Night Latch:
    • Often used in addition to a standard lock, a night latch is a secondary latch that automatically engages when the door is closed. It provides an extra layer of security.
  7. Rim Latch:
    • Surface-mounted, a rim latch is installed on the surface of the door. It’s often used on gates and wooden doors.
  8. Thumb Latch:
    • Operated by pressing a thumb lever, a thumb latch is common in traditional door designs, particularly on gates and garden doors.
  9. Slam Latch:
    • Engages automatically when the door is pushed or slammed shut. Commonly used in industrial and commercial settings.
  10. Lever Handle Latch:
    • Combined with lever handle door sets, a lever handle latch is often used in commercial or public buildings. It allows for easy, lever-operated opening.
  11. Bathroom Privacy Latch:
    • Used on bathroom doors, this latch can be locked from the inside for privacy. It typically has an emergency release on the exterior.
  12. Electronic Latch:
    • Utilizes electronic components for keyless entry. Electronic latches are often found in smart door lock systems.
  13. Gate Latch:
    • Specifically designed for gates, gate latches come in various styles, including gravity latches, thumb latches, and bolt latches.
  14. Childproof Safety Latch:
    • Installed on cabinets and drawers, childproof safety latches prevent young children from opening them.
  15. Chain Latch:
    • Provides a partial opening of the door, allowing communication or viewing without fully opening the door. It includes a chain and slide mechanism.
    *The choice of door latch depends on factors such as the type of door, security requirements, and specific use cases. Different latches serve different purposes, and the selection often complements the overall door hardware and security system.

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