A door lockset typically refers to a complete locking system that includes both the lock and the door handle or knob. Here are various types of door locksets:

1. Entrance Lockset

Commonly used for exterior doors, an entrance lockset usually includes a keyed cylinder on the outside and a knob or lever on the inside. It provides a combination of key access and manual operation.

2. Privacy Lockset:

Typically used for interior doors such as bedrooms and bathrooms, a privacy lockset has a locking mechanism on the inside but can be opened from the outside with a generic tool in case of emergency. It doesn’t require a key.

3. Passage Lockset.

Ideal for interior doors where no locking function is needed, such as closet or hallway doors. Passage locksets provide a simple turning mechanism for easy opening and closing.

4. Dummy Lockset:

Non-functional locksets used for decorative purposes or on doors where no latch or lock is needed. Dummy locksets are fixed and do not turn.

5. Keyed Entry Lockset:

Similar to an entrance lockset, a keyed entry lockset requires a key for both the outside and inside operation. It provides security for exterior doors.

6. Keyless Entry Lockset:

Utilizes electronic or smart technology for keyless entry, often allowing access through methods like PIN codes, fingerprint recognition, or electronic key cards.

7. Handleset:

A lockset that includes both a locking mechanism and an integrated handle for pulling or pushing the door. Handle sets are common on front doors and provide a decorative touch.

8. Commercial Grade Lockset:

Designed for high-traffic and commercial applications, these locksets are typically more durable and secure than residential locksets.

9. Cylindrical Lockset:

The locking mechanism is housed in a cylindrical casing and is commonly used in both residential and commercial settings.

10. Tubular Lockset:

Similar to cylindrical locksets but with a round-shaped latch, often used in residential doors.

11. Interconnected Lockset:

Combines a knob or lever with a deadbolt. Turning the knob or lever automatically unlocks the deadbolt.

12. Electronic Lockset:

Uses electronic components for keyless entry, often with features such as remote control and integration with smart home systems.

When choosing a door lockset, it’s essential to consider the intended use, security requirements, and the overall aesthetic of the door and surrounding space.

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