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Car troubles are the most frustrating problems any person can go through as they create anxiety in general. Most people either Lose their car keys through forgetting them at social gatherings, or they lock their keys inside the car or through a carjacking situation and this, without a doubt is enough to make a person’s day go from really good to really bad.

Most of the Clients who come to our offices come with different cases of how they lost their keys and are in search of a new key urgently to resume operations.

To completely avoid these problems, these three simple ways will prevent you from adding more troubles into your problem cart:

Car Key Cutting

Most cars in Kenya are automatic and used and have only one key, this calls for the need to cut the existing key in order to have  a duplicate at hand in case of loss of the main key. Doing this by far reduces the pressure for one to get a key duplicated urgently.

Car Key Duplication

Car Key duplication is a necessity as its like cushioning yourself in case you lose your car keys or they get stolen. Duplicating in advance most definitely will save an individual time and money.

Purchasing an extra Car Key Battery

Car Keys can jam for various reasons ,and most times they jam when you need to move around urgently and fast. A dead car key battery will  limit access and entry into your car, having an extra car battery will limit the trouble of having to rush to a store to get a new one when in a hurry.

Key Programming

Once a Client loses his or her key, it is imperative that they get their key programmed as soon as possible for their safety and to avert access and entry by other parties, that being the thief. Programming locks out any access by the old key and gives the car a whole new operating system that is in sync with the new car key. The process takes less than half an hour and immediately the stress is gone.

Ensuring you have done all this will greatly reduce on spending as the loss may happen at a time you are not doing well financially.


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