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Fleet Management is the most important and effective business solution for a company with a large number of cars that needs constant monitoring for various fleet variables.

Aspects monitored include Temperature, mileage, speed, fuel level and consumption and monitoring employee activity to minimize on spending and time used outside the office.

So how and why should an office with a large fleet leverage on Fleet management to operate at minimal cost?

1. Reduction on spending

Every business wants to operate with minimal spending but at the same time capitalize on making profits. Fleet management and tracking does that in the sense that it ensures drivers spend little time on the field and concentrate on servicing only Clients.

2.Prevention of theft/loss

Car theft is on the rise in Kenya and its imperative to have all the cars within the fleet installed with a tracking device for easy retrieval after theft.

3.Reduces Fuel Consumption

Installing a tracker in your fleet will ensure that the different drivers observe the set rules of operation and strictly operate responsibly as they are being monitored.

4. Increases Efficiency-Enhancing Competition

Tracking and fleet management ensures that there is fast and reliable delivery of goods to Clients as the drivers are going to be working under a strict schedule. This creates trust for the Client on the company as well as ensures efficiency, beating other competitors.

5.Real time Asset Management

Real time tracking of your fleet is one of the most important aspects for any company as it ensures that all the goods and assets in movement are safe at all times. In case of  a detour , it is easier to follow through with the assets faster and impound them before any major losses occur.

6.Improved vehicle performance

Installing a tracker or GPS will most definitely improve performance as this is tagged to how the company drivers treat the cars. Do they service them as frequently as advised or not? having a fleet management application will most definitely help improve performance by far.




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