Protect your Vehicle

Car alarms

Safety should be is our top priority. Autotronix Telematics offers a wide selection of car alarm systems, immobilizers, and keyless entry systems for all types of vehicles, ranging from add- on upgrades to enhance the original alarm system to complete aftermarket alarm systems that provide the highest level of vehicle security available. Our vehicle security solutions include a automatic re-locking, door ajar warnings, interior lighting activation, panic alarms, rolling codetechnology, and starter disabling. These are just a few of the features we offer. Autotronix offers auto alarm systems with modern shock sensors that will activate in the event of a glass breakage or a large collision with the car. When the sensors are triggered, our installed auto alarm system will make some noise. You can use a remote control or a smartphone to activate these sensors. Our car alarms feature sirens that are louder than 100 decibels to get people's attention, and don't just honk and flash your lights.


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