Auto Locksmith Services

Autotronix Telematics LTD offers a comprehensive range of auto locksmith services, including key replacement, key programming, key repair, emergency car unlock, ignition and door lock repair, and more.

Car Key Replacement

Have you misplaced your vehicle keys and don't have a backup?
Don't worry; we'll quickly replace your car keys!
We are completely stocked with blank keys that fit all makes and models as well as transponder chips.
We have hundreds of authentic proximity (keyless) keys, remote automobile keys, and transponder keys in stock.
It doesn't have to be expensive to replace your car keys.
Unlike any car dealership in Kenya, Autotronix Telematics provides replacement keys for your vehicle at a far lesser cost and with much more ease.
You will receive a competitive and fair upfront price from our quick and professional team members, with no additional fees.
When you're ready to move forward, we'll send a qualified technician to your location at a time that works for you. They'll safely unlock the automobile using specialist hardware.
We will use cutting-edge, high-end software to cut and program the new key or remote.
When you are completely happy with our service, you may pay with cash, a credit card, or M-pesa.
Note: This service requires proof of vehicle ownership.

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Duplicate Car Keys

Car Key Duplication

Have you lately acquired a used car with just one key? Maybe you misplaced your extra key? Worry not!
While you wait, Autotronix can cut and program a new spare key for your car!

Duplication of transponder keys
We copy and replicate all kinds of transponder keys (also known as "Chipped Keys") for the more than 5,000 models that are currently in use. We have all transponders in stock for use with various models.

Distance (Keyless) Keys
Modern versions have keyless entry systems that allow you to start the vehicle simply pressing a button.
We are also able to reproduce these key types.
Through our Deposits program, we may order a certain sort of key if we don't currently have any on hand.
To learn how we may save you money on your remote auto keys and transponder keys, contact our workshop right away.
Call or text us at +(254) 703 888 777 for an exact price quotation or pricing information.

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Need auto locksmith Services?

Have you lost your car key? Need a duplicate car key? Or do you require an emergency car unlock service?
We can come to your location and sort you out in no time.
Call us today on 0703888777
Emergency Car Unlock Service

Emergency Car Unlock

Need immediate assistance after locking your keys in your vehicle? Or, for whatever reason, you're locked out of your car? We offer premium auto locksmith services and guarantee to sort you out.
We can assist you in quickly unlocking your vehicle so you can start driving.
Using special hardware equipment, we will unlock the car without damaging it.
Prices will vary depending on the model and location of the car.

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Ignition and Door Lock Repair Service

Ignition & Door Lock Repair

Please feel free to contact us for guidance if you have a broken door lock or ignition. The majority of door locks and ignitions can be fixed rather than being replaced.
If it is beyond repair, we can still provide a wide selection of options.
We can quickly assess the problem, provide a replacement or repair, and provide a lasting solution.
It is not necessary to make a reservation in advance for a diagnosis.
Work on repairs or replacements takes no more than a full day and has to be scheduled in advance.
Are you unable to start with a keyless entry because your proximity twist ignition knob has broken? Worry not! Auto locksmith Services that You Can Rely On!
Genuine Mazda, Suzuki, Mitsubishi, and Honda replacement twist ignition knobs are available from us.

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