Track your
fleet with ease

I. Car tracking

Autotronix Telematics offers Insurance approved GPS tracking. These are the most cost-effective anti-theft devices in Africa. With car theft on the rise, you can have peace of mind and feel secure by protecting your vehicle with state-of-the-art GPS trackers. You will enjoy a 24/7 control room monitoring and support. We also have our own free smartphone app for both android and IOS. When you buy your next car, we can transfer the unit at a very affordable price. Our devices also have anti-jamming features and are continually updated over the internet as technology advances. Our devices can be traced in underground car parks and inside containers. You also get journey history, geofence alerts as push notifications o your smartphone.

II. Fleet management

Fleet managers can use GPS monitoring software to detect who is driving inefficient routes or using a vehicle for unlawful reasons. It not only solves problems on the road but also offers an exact readout of the hours that drivers claim to have worked. The integrated 3D accelerometer sends harsh braking, accelerating, and turning events to the backend server for driving scoring. For precise acceleration measurement, vehicle alignment, and driving behavior accident, driver behavior, speeding, idling, over-revving, and overheating Geo-zone settings and events for the week, day, time, and speed. Fleet managers can better use their employees' time thanks to the ability to monitor their hours worked. Using GPS monitoring software, you can always see where your drivers are and what they're doing at any given moment.

Telematics Solutions


Autotronix Telematics offers insurance telematics solutions by utilizing GPS devices and Sensors in the car to provide Real-time information to insurance companies for then to calculate a drivers accident risk and give each driver a risk score based on one driving behavior

b. Fuel Management

Our main focus — remote fuel consumption monitoring. Autotronix is the only company in Kenya that has the most accurate fuel consumption sensors. The choice of the appropriate sensor depends on the object where it should be installed.Our fuel sensors are designed to optimize the time and place of fillings as well as prevent fuel thefts. The sensor provides stable and accurate data longer than the warranty period sets (5 years minimum)

c. Cold chain fleet monitoring

Keep an eye on the temperature and humidity levels. Monitor the status of the door, whether it is closed or open.


Our asset trackers are extremely small IP67 asset devices with a big rechargeable battery that may last for years with one position each day. Our asset tracker power management is designed in such a manner that the user may choose between 12 different ways of reporting based on his needs or establish his own set of criteria. Can be fitted by securing the magnets' mounting.

e. Video Telematics

Utilize our easy-to-use video telematics solutions to capture reliable on-road footage and coach drivers on their performance. Lower your operational costs, prevent, and protect against false claims, and ensure safety for your drivers, your fleet, and your business. Our smart Video telematics solution comes with the ability to identify unsafe driving instances and help drivers prevent collisions using the dashboard camera’s active sensors Get real-time notifications triggered by any dangerous driving events such as hard braking, sharp turning, or distracted driving, and document high-quality video evidence. Playback driving videos to gain insight 
into driver behavior and take steps for improving driver performance and keeping your fleet safe.

f. Autotronix TAGS

Our application is installed on your mobile device, transforming it into a personal tracking system. With AutotronixTag, the user tracks field employees, sends tasks, and controls their execution. You can execute this in the fields of medicine, security personnel, sales personnel, delivery services, tourism, and services sector.


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