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Traditionally Repairs on Commercial vehicles such as Trucks, Trailers, Agricultural Equipment, Buses and Coaches along with Light vehicles such as Cars and Vans require expert technicians and the use of various expensive hand tools.

Over the last few years, this has been made even more complex by vehicle manufacturers having to fit complex Electronic Control Units (ECU) to comply with the current stringent emission requirements, Euro 3, 4, 5 & now 6.

A number of primary systems are required to communicate with each other and share information on the CAN (Controlled Area Network) to obtain the requirements.

Vehicles have numerous ECU’s fitted for the different systems. These are dependent on the vehicle type and model but can include: Diesel and Petrol Injection, DPF/AdBlue System’s, Body Computers, ABS/EBS, Immobilizers, Automatic Transmission, Suspension, CAN Network Alignment, Instrument Panel, Service Maintenance System, Clutch Control and many more…

We are able to diagnose a wide range a selection of automotive vehicles including:

Trucks, Trailers, Mobile Cranes, Buses/Coaches, Agricultural/Plant Machinery & Construction, Cars/Vans, Motor Bikes/Power Sports and Marine.

We can help you remain competitive in the marketplace and have an edge over competitors by providing cost effective, quality, market-leading diagnostics, and repairs tailored to your individual equipment requirements.

Hire out Services also available on Excavators and Motor Graders.