446RiS-G Car Alarm

  • Anti “hot wire” feature
  • Anti scanning
  • Code hopping, Code learning (8)
  • Moisture and impact resistant Remote Controls (2)
  • 3 Year battery life
  • Dash mounted LED
  • Smart status light
  • Visual and remote arm/disarm
  • Security arm of immobiliser
  • Emergency override pin code
  • Immobilises two vital circuits
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446RiS-G Car Alarm

The 446RiS-G Car Alarm offers remote control immobiliser, standard siren, glass break sensor and keyless entry

Small in size, big on security

The 446RIS(G) is the small alarm that’s big on protecting your vehicle. With an alarm module far smaller than others in the market, hiding the unit during installation is much easier, making it less accessible to thieves. The 446RIS(G) also has an attack proof security housing that safely protects the immobiliser connections.

Glass break sensor (446RiSG model only)

Built-in amplifiers filter and amplify the noises inside the cabin of vehicle. When the high frequencies associated with breaking glass are detected, a trigger signal is sent to the alarm system.



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