573PPI Transponder Immobiliser

  • Dual Circuit Immobiliser (Output for 3rd Cut)
  • X2 Transponder Tags
  • Attack Proof Security Housing
  • PIN Code Protection against Unauthorised Tag Programming
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573PPI Transponder Immobiliser

Protect your vehicle with an Insurance approved Autotronix 573PPI Transponder Immobiliser

The Insurance approved Transponder Immobiliser (AS/NZS 4601:2000 certified)

The 573PPi comes with two transponder tags (see photo) that attach to your key ring. At 45mm long, the tags disarm the immobiliser when in proximity of the coil which is installed near the ignition barrel. Additional tags are no problem as the 573PPi can learn up to 8 of them. The Immobiliser arms 30 seconds after the ignition is turned off (or when last disarmed if the ignition is not turned on) at which point a red LED starts to flash to indicate the system is armed. The 575PPi comes with two immobilisation points and has an output for a 3rd external cut if required.



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