695 CAN-BUS Car Alarm

  • Extra immobilisation circuit
  • Digital battery back up siren
  • Glass-break sensor
  • Boot, bonnet, door protection
  • An override pin code
  • Programmable alarm on/off tones
  • Visual arm/disarm
  • Dash mounted LED
  • Warning stickers two
  • Thatcham CAT 2-1 standard if installed with Ultrasonics
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695 CAN-BUS Car Alarm

The 695 CAN-BUS Car Alarm is Thatcham certified and is an advanced security solution for modern vehicles

Thatcham Certified

The 695 CAN is Thatcham CAT 2 to 1 certified, the highest standard of vehicle security certification. Thatcham is an internationally respected, independent company based in the UK that has been evaluating vehicle safety and security standards for over forty years.

CAN-BUS technology

The 695 CAN is fully compatible with modern Controller-Area Network (CAN or CAN-BUS) technology found in modern vehicles. The advanced CAN-BUS system dramatically reduces the time and effort normally associated with a car alarm installation provides the opportunity for a quick and easy alarm upgrade to the vehicle’s existing security.

Digital battery back up siren

The unique sounding Digital battery back up siren is a true digital siren with no override key. The siren features soft arm/disarm chirps or can be set to silent arm mode.

Custom programming

The 446RLi supports double lock pulse deadlocking on selected vehicles. The alarm can also be programmed to operate selective unlocking, boot pop, full window closure and internal light switch-on upon disarming and ignition turn-off.


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