Car Security Services

• Alarm installation and repairs
We install Auto watch, the best in the market with features like ultrasonic movement sensor, full central locking and 2 remote transmitters all which can be programmed incase of failure. Through your key chain remote, we can duplicate anything that is electronically programmed in your car.

• Cutouts
Another way to thwart car thieves is to install a hidden kill switch that disrupts the flow of electricity at the battery or ignition switch or disables the fuel pump. This way, the car cannot start unless one knows the location of the switch.

• Tracking software installation
Our tracking units use the latest GPS technology, making them very effective and reducing your insurance premiums, saving you money. We can locate your car to a proximity range of 4 meters.

• Retrieval of lost/ missing car
A new vehicle is highly desirable to thieves and burglars, so to keep away from this loss it is best to invest a GPS tracker. This way you dramatically increase your chances to retrieve your stolen vehicle. Be it a company vehicle or a private car, our tracking device will offer the owner with mapping data and alerts. You can then submit this information to the concerned authorities and recover your vehicle. These systems utilize the most recent GSM technology and GPS technology to offer unparalleled service levels and pinpoint accuracy.

• Fleet management
Vehicle tracking and mechanical diagnostics are among the basic services we provide. We also have fleet management software that allows control and monitoring of fleet security, with remote vehicle disabling systems.

• Gear lock installation
Gear lock systems are among the most basic vehicle security features that have stood the test of time. The gear lock ensures that the vehicle cannot be put into a drivable gear, rendering the vehicle completely immobile. Other than locking the car’s gears, it keeps thieves at bay.
• Lock wheel nuts
Locking your wheel nuts is the most cost effective way of protecting your alloy wheels from theft. By replacing a lug nut in each wheel with a locking wheel nut, only a special key can remove the last nut.

• Solex installation
Solex has high security locks including steering locks, spare tyre locks and motorcycle disc locks, all which we install.