What if my car keys have been stolen?

Stolen car keys need a slightly different approach to above. We would first suggest calling the kenya police to notify them of the situation and then follow this with a phone call to Autotronix. We understand that you are likely to be anxious if your keys have been stolen so we will always try to book you in as a priority job. We treat stolen car keys the same as lost keys and take every necessary step to ensure your car is secure. Before we program a replacement car key we will use dealer level diagnostic tools to remove the missing key from the car. This way if someone should come back to try and take the car it will no longer start. All cars manufactured after 1995 are factory fitted with an immobiliser that works with a hidden transponder chip in the car key. This improves car security and also gives us a fast way of securing your car if your keys become stolen.

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    Lost my polo keys in the garage, I need replacement what’s the cost

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