What to do when you lose your car keys in Nairobi

We get lets of calls from panicked customers that have just lost their car keys but have spent less than 30 minutes looking for them. Before you give us a call make sure you have exhausted all options and looked in every hiding place. Follow our helpful steps below if you have just lost your car keys.

  1. Relax and try to think clearly – If you cant find your keys there is absolutely no point getting worked up. Think clearly and try to retrace your steps.
  2. Call The Car Key People – If you have looked everywhere and are sure you keys are lost then give us a call for a no obligation quote.
  3. Book a time to get your car keys replaced – We can respond to most jobs within one hour of your phone call.
  4. Get your replacement car key – Meet us at your vehicle at the agreed time for us to produce a brand new key for your car.
  5. Carry on with your day as normal 

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