Operational Excellence & Product Quality

Enhance product integrity and optimize fleet operations with our telematics services for excellence.

Boost Performance and Productivity with Autotronix

Ensure Product Quality

Exceed Customer Expectations with Autotronix

Temperature Control

Avoid food spoilage with precise control over cargo hold temperatures. Prevent contamination and load rejections through real-time alerts for temperature fluctuations.

Prevent Cargo Theft

Obtain a comprehensive overview of your asset movements and receive alerts for any deviations from planned routes, ensuring theft prevention and enhancing safety for vehicles, drivers, and cargo.

Timely Deliveries

Guarantee on-time deliveries with optimized routes, staying ahead of traffic, and receiving real-time alerts on vehicle movement and stoppages.

Enhance Business Efficiency

Improve Oversight, Boost Productivity.

Streamline Fleet Efficiency

Unlock your fleet's true potential with optimized operations and increased trip completions. Leverage data-driven insights for resourceful output.

Seamless Visibility

Gain a comprehensive view of live ETAs and trip status on one dashboard. Boost customer satisfaction, cargo quality, and business growth with enhanced visibility.

Cost-Effective Operations

Maximize savings by closely monitoring fuel and maintenance costs. Prioritize safety and productivity for long-term success.

Autotronix Telematics revolutionized our fleet operations. Their tracking systems and fleet management solutions have helped us improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance overall performance. Highly recommended!

John Logistics Manager

I was locked out of my car, and Autotronix Telematics came to my rescue. Their emergency car unlocking service was prompt, professional, and saved me from a stressful situation. Thank you!

Sarah Vehicle Owner

The vehicle tracking solution provided by Autotronix Telematics has been a game-changer for our delivery service. We now have real-time visibility and improved route optimization, leading to faster deliveries and happier customers.

Jonathan Fleet Manager

Can you replace keys for all vehicle makes and models?

Yes, we are fully stocked with blank keys that fit all makes and models, as well as transponder chips.

Do you offer keyless and remote automobile keys?

Absolutely! We have hundreds of authentic proximity (keyless) keys and remote automobile keys in stock.

Is car key replacement expensive with Autotronix Telematics?

No, unlike car dealerships in Kenya, we provide car key replacements at a far lesser cost and with more ease.

What payment methods do you accept for key replacement?

We accept cash, credit cards, and M-pesa payments for your convenience.

How does your key replacement process work?

Once you're ready to proceed, our qualified technician will come to your location and safely unlock the automobile using specialist hardware. We then use cutting-edge software to cut and program the new key or remote.